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Welcome to! This site provides access to information for our business associates in order to efficiently execute the grocery distribution process benefiting consumers.

Access to most of the information on the site is accomplished through the use of a customer identification number and password which is issued from the M.I.S. department of Grocers Supply in Houston, Texas. These secured numbers are available to certain individuals operating retail stores, brokerage houses, and specific representatives of manufacturers engaged in an ongoing business relationship with Grocers Supply.

Consumers are welcome to this site, however navigation is restricted to the home page and the consumer section of the site. Customer identification numbers and passwords are not available to consumers.

Obtaining Access

You must enter a valid User Id and Password to accessGrocers Supply Internet Retailer/Manufacturer/Retail Accounting Portals. To obtain a User Id and Password, please contact James Hammond at 713-749-9336 or Maria Garcia at 713-749-9333.

If you want to inquire on the status of Employment Applications contact our HR Department at 713-747-5000.

We have written some suggestions for use(help) for a variety of applications available on the site. A help button will appear on the top of the screen on applications that contain suggestions for use.

If after reading the information contained in the application help you still have questions please call our Help desk at 713-842-6550.

Software Required

  • Windows 95 or higher
  • Internet Access
  • Web Browser(Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.2 or higher)
  • Up to date version of Sun Microsystem's Java Runtime Environment - this is available free and can be obtained from Sun's website. Click here to download Java.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader - this is free software and can be downloaded fromthe adobe web site. Click here to download Adobe

Hardware Required

  • 56k Modem or Cable/DSL(preferred)
  • 200 MHz Pentium
  • 64 MB Ram
  • 9 GB Hard Disk