About Us

Grocers Supply has enjoyed more than 90 years of success in serving and partnering with independent grocers in order to provide quality products to communities in Texas and surrounding states. Grocers Supply, based in Houston, is the largest wholesale grocery supplier in Texas, supplying over 900 independent grocery stores.

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Careers with Us

At Grocers Supply, a subsidiary of C&S Wholesale Grocers, our ability to provide first in class customer service is directly tied to hiring highly qualified professionals for our teams. We realize that you can’t have one without the other.

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Private Brands

The Grocers Supply Company, in partnership with the Federated Group and Topco, offers an extensive Private Brands program, based on providing excellent quality products in a wide range of categories. Rigorous standards are in place to ensure that high quality is maintained throughout the entire production process, from the raw ingredient stage to the store shelf. The process also allows for consumer feedback directly through contact information present on all packages.

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